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D.C. Student Success

Exploratory Data Analysis &

data visualization

Project Overview

The Question:

Based on the current factors that influence a District of Columbia Public School’s STAR rating, can we identify areas for improvement to better serve the educational needs of DC students?

The Team:

Three data scientists.


My Role

Data Cleaning / Managing / Wrangling​

Feature Engineering | Exploratory Data Analysis

This group project followed a "reverse-engineering" approach, opting to identify key external facility factors through examination of key feature importances from a regression model.  Several models where implemented in pursuit of a predictive model for DCPS STAR ratings.

An outline of my exploratory data analysis findings and personal process can be seen in the slide deck below.


The full team project can be found in the repo.

Interactive Dashboards &

Repo & Slide Deck

Green Brick Wall

Tableau Dashboards Coming Soon

My Role
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Repo & Slides
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