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Hackathon: Web App

Project Overview

A three-day small business Hackathon event.

The Prompt:

Build an e-commerce product or feature which supports small businesses in their recovery from the pandemic.


The Team:

Three software engineers, three UX designers and one data scientist.

The Topic:

Hospitality and Travel Sector


The Question:

Since the sector is defined by its in-person experiential component, how can we leverage e-commerce to direct traffic back to local tourism and small business hospitality services?

My Role

Product Development | Project Management

Business Analytics

Focusing on the impact e-commerce has on increasing a business' public profile, and customer accessibility to those businesses' information, we created an app to increase visibility and support of local businesses through a rewards-based gamified experience.

My three-days focused on establishing product cohesion, facilitating interdepartmental communication, and business plan development.  I also created an outline for development of client-side features to provide critical business analytical feedback to business from the application.

A decision was made by the software engineering team to utilize a NoSQL database during the three-day sprint.  I believe future development of this application would benefit from conversion to a relational database model.  I developed an ERD for a proposed MySQL database migration.

Original application

& Slide Deck

Green Brick Wall

Created by UXDI team

High-Fidelity Wireframes

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Created by SEI team

Web Application

My Role
Web App & Slide Deck
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